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Silverio (DJ / Back-ups / Hypeman)

I was born in Abington PA, on the outskirts of Philadelphia on Nov 30th 1992.Both my parents immigrated to the USA from Mexico so Im the first generation in this fucking place. 

I moved to Maryland in April of 2005 when I was in 6th grade and I hated the fuck out of it.After a week of living in Frederick MD, I met Jose “MiltonJ” Ludington and that’s when all the fuckery began. I had more friends too obviously but they were fuckboys and I don’t feel like they need to be mentioned. 

But Jose and I became semi good friendsnot best friends cause he’s a chode... I lied we’re kinda best friends…. Fucking asshole. 

But before Jose was a boring fuck, we would just get white girl wasted all the mafuckin’ time!! Not reallyI would end up having to drive, what a bitch. 
But enough of Jose, lets talk about how I know Edward toes Hong.I met him in high school I think, don’t really remember cause I didnt know he existed until senior year during senior week and we got fucked up a lot. Soo Edward is cool I guess, but Garrett is a complete fucking fuck that Jose and I meet while drunk at Sheetz. He came up to us and asked Jose if they could jam and the rest doesn’t matter. But before there was an entire band it was just Jose and me for a while; he would play these ghetto hood shows that were lame as fuck but still cool because people always fucked with him and I would drive him everywhere and go to all his shows. Then after the drunken night with Garrett, they jammed out and it sounded good so then they playedtogether for a while. Then when Edward joined the band as the guitarist so did our other friend Devin as the bassist but that aint worked outButhat’s a different story. 

After a while of going through some different bassists, Ed was like my sister is like soo much better at guitar than me, so he brought her one day for practice and that was the first time I met Kristina. She was a shy short person that really didn’t say much, but then she played the guitar and we then realized we found our new member of the band. Thank god Ed moved to the bass cause fuck Ed that’s why… he sucked. 

And that’s how Milton J and The Leftovers came together to be become a complete butthole. I drove the band everywhere and was like a roadie to them….
But when they discovered my ooh so talented voice, the band was complete. It was only until Edward bought some DJ turntables that I now do backup vocals/screaming and also DJ with the band.