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MILTON J (Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Producer)

Milton J is an Alternative Rock and Hip-hop artist born in Arcadia, CA but has spent most of his adult life in Frederick, MD. He sings, raps, plays the guitar, produces/records his own tracks, edits his own videos, and consistently pushes more music to his fans. Milton J is seasoned to the road life having toured most of the east cost and as far west as MO. Together they've had the opportunity to open for many national acts including Nappy Roots, Redman, I the Mighty, Whitney Peyton, Jelly Roll, SuperBob, !Mayday!, Rittz, Jarren Benton, Ces Cru, Almost Kings, Michale Graves, The Veer Union, Superbob, and more. Milton J has come a long way with almost 8 years promoting his own brand however there is so much more need to be done. 

Initially a solo artist, J formed the Leftovers with drummer Garret Hall, bassist Edward Hong, and DJ Silverio Montano along the way. After about 5 years the group decided to split into to two entities. The Leftovers becoming Letters To Linda and Milton J becoming a solo entity. Currently J records with members of Letters To Linda, the legendary BX producer @RealCharlemagne, and solo projects. Always expect to hear this man working! 


The music hit me hard at a young age. I honestly couldn't remember wanting to do anything else. I recall my mother blasting Ricky Martin while I sang the lyrics on top of the kitchen table like it was a stage. I grew up in northern California with my Ecuadorian Mother, American Father, brother, sister, and many foster siblings. I moved to the east coast in a small city called Frederick, MD when I was 10, where I grew up. The diversity and unique experiences in my roots played a big part in shaping my music and who I am today.I fell in love with Hip-Hop in Frederick and joined the Baltimore scene when I was 16. I moved to a live sound early on in my career because of my instrumental background. By the time I was 18, I had put a small band which turned into Silverio (DJ), Garret (Drums), Eddie Slight(Bass), and Kristina (Lead Guitar) which formed the Leftovers (n ow currently Letters To Linda. 

When I was 19, I had a son. My world changed forever once I saw my kid. I became more driven, responsible, and determined to succeed. I soon graduated with a bachelors in Business Marketing and a Minor in Music. Currently my drive in the industry develops with every skill I learn in the marketing and commerce world. Every day I become a better business. With every experience I become stronger, faster, and relentless. 

I know I will conquer this industry. Having sacrificed so much time and energy, I know now that am incapable of giving up my band members are just like my family. Driven by the past, and fueled by hope for the future. We are our own sound and the future of the industry.