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Garrett (Drummer / Back-ups)

I was born in a dirty motel bathroom on May 7th, 1992 to Christina and Douglas Hall in San Diego, CA. 

I moved to the great state of Maryland as a young lad and lived and went to school in the Frederick and Montgomery Village area. I relocated back to the San Diego area to complete high school. Upon Graduation in 2010, I then moved back to Maryland and started playing in different musical projects. When I met my good friend J.C., we started a small group together which led me to discover my passion for drumming.My sound can only be described as a mind-boggling groove, I like to channel a mix of punk, rock and hiphop through the kit with just a bit of Garrett in it. I call it Loud Pack. 

Soon after, I met MiltonJ at a Sheetz in Walkersville, Maryland. I was really intoxicated and it just so happened that he was too
Perhaps it was destiny, as that was the only reason he agreed to jam with me the next day.We built a band around Miltons musical ideas and a few years and a few different members later we are the group you see today. I guess you could say Im the badass of the groupThe last real” rockstar alive. The rest of the crew are some squares. Some rectangles. Triangles and trapezoids. 
Me, Im a circle… Why you ask? Cause you cant stop me.

But despite being known for my recklessness, I have been blessed with a daughter. Even though I have had a rocky path and made mistakes that I shouldnt have I wouldnt trade her for a minute. Her being brought into my life has definitely put things into perspective in regards to how I view the world, myself and the band. I love the band and I love my daughter. Although I am not at all perfect and have a tendency to slip up, I want to succeed and make music. 

This has proved to be an opportunity to turn things around, and if its the only way to give her a better life than so be it. 

I want to make it for her.