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Edward (GOOD 'OL BOY) [Bass / Back-ups / Rapper]

You could ask my crew, and theyd tell you. Behind the exterior of a self-absorbed, inconsiderate toe sucker lies the tender soul of a young boy. 

And I talk a lot.

I was born in Germantown, MD on July 25th, 1993. A few years later we moved to Frederick and have lived here ever since. When I first started getting into music, I mainly listened to rock and what my father used to play. My father played guitar and inspired me and my sisters to learn. I never dreamt of becoming a musician. I mean I did, but I never thought it would become my reality. I always used to look up to the artists on stage and thought of how blessed they were. 

I knew MiltonJ (Jose) from middle school, but we didnt end up hanging out on a regular basis until the end of high school. At the time, Jose wanted to become a solo rapper. By this time I was really into hiphop and wanted to start my own career. Every time Jose and I hung out, the subject became more music oriented when we talked.When Jose started putting a band together for his project, he asked me if I could sub in for a show at a strip club called Escape. Because of my instrumental background, he thought it would be a good idea. 

I think from that point on I realized that all I wanted to do was be a part of that energy on stage when we rocked out. Although I still have aspirations to be a hiphop artist, my career in this group has truly grown and we are more serious about it than ever.

And Im sorry, but Im just the life of the party.